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Top Women’s Golf Organizations (Updated)

Women golfers will often want to find competitive organizations to play in.

A considerable amount of work has been done over the years to build full-fledged women’s golf organizations around the world and there are numerous opportunities available for female golfers wanting to play.

Here are some of the top women’s golf leagues for those who want to start playing.

Top Women’s Golf Associations

LPGA Amateur Golf Association

When it comes to the best women’s golf organizations, it’s always going to start with the LPGA. This is the gold standard when it is time to consider a golf membership that is going to provide access to golfing opportunities across the planet.

It has thousands of members and continues to develop at a quick rate. This allows it to shine around the world and be the ultimate option for women golfers who want it all. This includes the premier events, coaching seminars, and of course other opportunities related to golf.

American Junior Golf Association

Female golfers will not always start later in their lives. It’s far more common for women golfers to want to start in their teenage years and that helps set the foundation for a prosperous golfing future.

With this in mind, it’s best to seek out the American Junior Golf Association.

This is the number one organization in the world for handling junior golf tournaments for both young women and men.

For those playing golf in high school or looking to continue into college, it’s best to start here.


It’s important to also consider social opportunities that are far more lighthearted and easy-going for young women golfers.

Women golfers who are looking to learn the basics of golf and just try swinging a golf club will want a peaceful experience that is not going to put pressure on them. This is where TopGolf comes into play as one of the premier indoor simulation options for golfers.

Take the time to pick a TopGolf location that is nearby and hit as many golf balls as you want.

Fore The Ladies

When it is time to start looking at a modern setup that has become well-established in recent years, it’s time to consider Fore The Ladies.

The name is clear enough about the intent of the organization and how it’s been set up to succeed. Women golfers can play with this organization and enjoy a comfortable setting as they have a great time. The social aspect of Fore The Ladies is what stands out about it as there are numerous social events along with the golf.

It’s highly recommended to make the most of these events as a woman golfer.

LPGA USGA Girls Golf

US female golfers have a steady selection of opportunities while growing up and it starts with the LPGA USGA Girls Golf program. This particular program has been designed to offer a world-class platform for younger female golfers to play golf.

Thousands of young women golfers participate in these programs and make the most of their time developing their golfing skills. It is also a great social environment, which helps build a stronger network for these golfers.

Women On Course

This organization is set up in America and is well-renowned for offering great opportunities to those who want to have a great time golfing. Being able to make the most of your golfing options is always going ot be empowering and that’s what makes it unique for those who want to golf the right way.

Women On Course provides a long list of options that are not only about golfing but also about socializing in the region.

The overall nature of Women On Course is unique and it’s quite a bit of fun too.

United States Golf Association

This is the first name female golfers are going to hear about when in the US. The United States Golf Association is the premier golf association in the nation and it is the ultimate option for those who want to participate in golf tournaments.

With thousands of members and access to the best facilities, the USGA is the real deal. It’s the ultimate option for those who are looking to start playing professionally in the US.

State Golf Associations

It’s always best to start locally as that is where you are going to find opportunities close to home that are easier to get to.

Instead of having to go far out of town, the state golf associations offer a slew of information concerning how to play golf in the state you’re in. This is going to include competitive events for all ages and also a long list of social events related to golf.

It’s best to take advantage of these opportunities and begin to tour the state’s golf courses.

Twilight Golf Association

Being able to participate in a weekly golf organization is always great for those who are looking to learn a little bit of golf and socialize at the same time.

Twilight Golf Association is a great option for families and it’s common for people to come together and just have a great time based on their skill level. It is also ideal for those who are on their own and just want to join a group of golfers in the area.

The First Tee

This is an international name in golf and it’s quite common for young women golfers to start here. The First Tee is set up across the world and it is also a great option for those who are looking to learn about golf at a young age.

Golfers access premier coaches and instructors who understand how to relay information easily. This allows golfers to learn the basics and also participate on the best golf courses around the world.

Women On Par

What about young women golfers in the UK?

Women On Par is a top-tier option for those in the UK and is well-regarded for offering a slew of golfing events along with social events.

Those who want to learn how to golf in the UK will want to start here.


Love.Golf is one of the newer names for those who are looking to get into golf. Women golfers tend to have limited options in some regions but that is where Love.Golf comes into the equation, especially in places such as Europe.

This is a program that has been designed to simplify learning how to golf as a woman. This includes going to the driving range, learning from a good golf coach, and just getting the basics down.

This is one experience that is a must for those who are looking to get the basics right.

Youth On Course

When it’s time to learn how to play golf as a young women golfer, there are so many options and it is quite challenging to find one that works. This is where Youth On Course simplifies matters and keeps things as simple as they need to be.

Youth On Course is designed for young golfers (boys and girls) from ages 6 to 19.

It has thousands of members and it’s also designed to act as a stepping-stone for amateur golfers wanting to take the next step in their golfing careers.

Girls Golf Rocks

This is a top-tier golfing program set up in the UK and is a good option for younger women golfers who are looking to get their feet wet while learning the basics.

Being able to reach out to good coaches and just learning the fundamentals is essential.

The top golf clubs all offer access to Girls Golf Rocks and that is what makes it unique.

Final Thoughts

These are the top women’s golf organizations around the world.

It’s best to check out the ones that are closest to you and see how they stand out. This is how you are going to find a good fit that will work for you immediately.

Also take the time to read about ladies golf clubs.