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Mizuno Pro 223 Vs 225 (Which Is Better?)

When you are looking at critically acclaimed golf irons, you will come across one Asian brand that has been making the rounds for years.

Mizuno is a brand out of Japan that has been heralded for its refined, science-backed golf equipment.

Due to this brand’s appeal in Asia and around the world, it’s time to look at two golf iron sets that continue to stand out. This would be the Mizuno Pro 223 vs 225.

The Mizuno Pro 223 offers a world-class carbon steel construction with a good copper underlay helping reduce impact shock. It is efficient, safe, and good. In comparison, the Mizuno Pro 225 offers a chrome construction with a compact profile making it an engaging option.

When comparing the Mizuno Pro 223 with the Mizuno Pro 225, it’s important to look at what works for you as a golfer.

Which Mizuno golf iron is best for you?

This comparison is going to take a look at the Mizuno Pro 223 vs 225. This includes assessing the Mizuno Pro 223 specs against the Mizuno Pro 225 specs to see which ones stand out more.

How To Choose The Best Irons In Golf

1. Consider The Impact Feel

When choosing world-class golf iron sets, you will want to go through each detail. This includes how the golf iron is going to feel in the hand during the impact.

A golf swing generates quite a bit of force and this is difficult to withstand when the initial shock is aggressive.

This is commonly seen with below-par golf irons.

To avoid this, you will want to assess the material used to help deaden the impact. This can include a copper underlay or how the shaft flex is set up.

2. Know Your Game and Swing

When reviewing different golf iron sets, you will also want to consider your game.

Let’s assume you are going through golf drills and practicing how you strike a golf ball, it is important to understand what type of golf iron is best for you.

Some golfers realize they are not getting enough swing speed out of their bodies. On the other hand, some will realize they are hitting the ball erratically.

Look into these details and then choose the best Mizuno golf iron set for your needs.

3. Choose The Right Weight and Flex

Whether you are going through the Mizuno Pro 223 review or the Mizuno Pro 225 review, it’s imperative to make sure the golf iron’s weight and flex are taken into account.

This can make all the difference.

The Mizuno golf iron sets are commonly sold in regular and stiff flex. This means you are not going to have other options available to you, which can matter when you’re trying to find a good fit.

Pay attention to the flex as it will impact how far you hit the golf ball.

The stiffer shaft flex is going to make it much harder to get the ball to where you want it to go.

Mizuno Pro 223 Handicap Range

The Mizuno Pro 223 handicap range is good for 5-9 handicappers but is a versatile golf iron set. All golfers can use this set as it is forgiving and offers a good flex that is ideal for hitting the ball accurately.

Mizuno Pro 225 Handicap Range

The Mizuno Pro 225 handicap range is set for 5-9 handicappers. It’s a good golf club set that is quite forgiving, provides good distance, and reduces the impact feel to the point it is good for a beginner.

mizuno pro 223 vs 225

Key Features of Mizuno Pro 223

1. Carbon Steel Design

When looking at the Mizuno Pro 223 specs, the first element to assess would be its core material.

This impacts how the golf iron feels in the hand along with how long it lasts. While modern golfers look at options including graphite, this is made of carbon steel to offer a more robust construction.

The steel shaft is world-class and built to last making it a good option for those who want something more hefty.

The Mizuno Pro 223 irons are well-made and it starts with a steel finish. This steel shaft ensures the ball does not become erratic once hit and it continues down the line a golfer wants it to.

2. Copper Underlay

To go along with the chrome finish, Mizuno has implemented a copper underlay. This is done to help reduce the impact of the ball once hit.

This is a key feature of the Mizuno Pro 223 as it helps eliminate some of the worries a golfer can have when it comes to overall impact feel.

Being able to rely on this as a golf iron makes it a lot easier to hit the ball as required.

3. Regular & Stiff Flex

When it comes to buying the Mizuno Pro 223, the average golfer is going to want to make sure the shaft flex is taken into account.

The Mizuno Pro 223 offers two options for golfers to choose from.

This is going to include a Regular and Stiff flex.

It’s best to choose what will work for you and is going to last a long time. Getting the flex right is a must and it’s the best way to ensure the golf iron set lasts a long time and improves your golf swing.

4. 22 Degrees Loft

When going through the Mizuno Pro Irons review, it’s also essential to assess ball flight and how the golf ball is going to come off of the iron once hit.

It is these details that matter most.

You will want to make sure the loft is set at the right angle and this will be the case when you are looking at the 22 degrees loft.

It is a respectable option that is quite forgiving and in control.

Pros of Mizuno Pro 223

1. Exceptional Impact Feel

As you are going through the advantages of the Mizuno Pro 223, it is going to start with the impact construction built into the golf iron set.

What does this mean?

When you hit a golf ball, the impact is going to play a role in the accuracy and how the golf club feels in your hand. It should not feel like it is shaking or out of control as that will play a role in how you handle the golf iron.

For the most part, the copper underlay with this particular golf iron set is immaculate. It helps deaden the impact feel right away.

2. Gorgeous Design

As you look at a review of the Mizuno Pro 223, you will appreciate the aesthetics of this golf iron set.

Most golfers are looking at other elements such as the loft angle or the flex, which are important variables to keep in mind.

However, you will also want to have an impressive set of golf irons that are going to look the part when you are on the golf course.

When this is the case, you will enjoy this benefit. The design is breathtaking and a big part of what makes Mizuno special as a brand.

3. Good Shaft Flex

You are going to get a good shaft flex with the Mizuno Pro 223 golf iron set.

This is due to there being two options – Regular and Stiff.

You can choose the shaft flex that is in line with your golfing needs. Each golfer is going to vary and this will often come down to your golf swing speed.

With this in mind, the golf iron set is balanced in the hands and is going to improve your golf swing right away.

Cons of Mizuno Pro 223

1. Pricey

What about the price?

You are going to realize this is an expensive golf iron set compared to other options and that is common with Mizuno products.

You will see the same when comparing the Mizuno Pro 223 vs Mizuno Pro 225.

This pricing is high because it demonstrates the construction process. You will notice this when holding the Mizuno Pro 223 golf irons for the first time.

2. Average Launch

The launch is not as good as it should be.

Some state it can often hit at an angle that is not as good as required. This comes down to your game and how you approach using the Mizuno Pro 223.

On the other hand, the shaft flex is good with these irons and you are also going to feel in control of the impact. This is a major plus that adds value to using these golf irons.

Key Features of Mizuno Pro 225

1. Chrome Construction

When it comes to the main Mizuno Pro 225 specs, it’s important to start with the overall construction of these golf irons.

They are made of a robust chrome material that elevates the aesthetic and feel of the golf irons. For those who want something refined and well-made, the chrome is going to shine through right away.

This helps protect how the golf iron set feels in the hand.

mizuno pro 223 vs 225

2. Muscle-Back Design

With the Mizuno Pro 225 features, it is key to mention the muscle-back design. This has been done on purpose to help deaden the impact of the shot and also make it easier to control.

Golfers will often state the look of the clubface seems small at first. However, when you are ready to hit the golf ball, it is going to get the job done.

This is due to the muscle-back design and how the clubface is set up.

3. Compact Profile

Before comparing the Mizuno Pro 225 and 223 irons, it is important to take a look at the overall profile of this golf iron set.

It has a compact profile.

This means it is not going to take up a lot of space and it is going to feel compact in the hands. This is key for those who don’t want to swing around a bulky golf iron that gets in the way.

Pros of Mizuno Pro 225

1. Excellent Launch

For the advantages of the Mizuno Pro 225, it is key to zone in on the launch of this golf iron set and how it is set up to add value to your swing.

When you hit the golf ball, it is going to offer tremendous ball flight. A lot of people worry about how accurate the shot is going to be but it does seem to be under control in most situations.

This is due to the shaft flex being reasonable and not too flexible. This makes it easier to get the golf shot to go where you want it to.

2. Good Control

When looking at the Mizuno Pro 223 or 225, it’s essential to focus on the amount of control you are going to enjoy with each golf shot.

A lot of golfers struggle to choose the right golf iron because they don’t think about overall control of their shots.

The Mizuno Pro 225 is good because it offers tremendous control and is quite forgiving as a golf iron set.

3. Balanced Speed

How much speed are you getting from the Mizuno Pro 225?

You are going to enjoy exceptional swing speed due to how lightweight the golf iron set is. Despite being made of steel, it is going to handle well and you are going to feel in control of each shot out on the golf course.

Cons of Mizuno Pro 225

1. Overpowered At Times

This is one of those negatives of the Mizuno Pro 225 that you are going to want to take into account right away.

You will realize this when you hit a few golf balls with the new golf iron.

The ball is going to fly.

It is going to go at a higher angle but it is also going to carry more. This is due to how overpowered the golf iron is compared to other options including the Mizuno Pro 223.

You will have to dial things back a bit to make them less powerful.

2. Average Design

When looking at the differences between the Mizuno Pro 223 and Mizuno Pro 225, you have to consider their designs.

The differences are noticeable.

You are going to have a slightly different finish to each golf iron set and that is also going to impact how the golf iron feels in the hands.

This one has a slightly average design but this is a subjective detail that might not play a role in your mind.

Mizuno Pro 223 Vs Mizuno Pro 225 – Which Iron Is Best For You?

Both the Mizuno Pro 223 and Mizuno Pro 225 are forgiving and work well for 5-9 handicappers.

It is also common for professional golfers to use these golf clubs on the golf course. However, the best golf iron set would be the Mizuno Pro 223 as it offers a robust carbon construction and reduces the overall impact feel right away.

It also offers good launch control and is a better-looking golf iron set.

Are Mizuno Pro 225 Forgiving?

Yes, the Mizuno Pro 225 is forgiving. This is due to the muscle-back design and the refined underlay that is designed to deaden the impact feel of a golf shot. This makes it easier to hit the ball where you want it to go.

Are Mizuno 223 Cavities Back?

Yes, The Mizuno 223 has a cavity back with a chrome face. This allows for a more robust, sleek design that is compact and feels good in the hands.

When Did The Mizuno Pro 223 Come Out?

The Mizuno Pro 223 came out in early 2022 and has become a popular golf iron set among the masses. This is due to its unique, new-age design that is easy on the eyes and works well without being difficult to control.

Do Any Pros Play Mizuno?

Yes, many pros play with Mizuno. This includes Keith Mitchell, Paul Casey, Adam Scott, Luke Donald, and Cameron Smith to name a few.

Final Thoughts

Go through this guide as you pinpoint which option is better when comparing the Mizuno Pro 223 vs 225.

The Mizuno Pro 223 offers a carbon construction with a copper underlay to help deaden the impact feel. It is a controlled, high-grade golf iron set. In comparison, the Mizuno Pro 225 provides a chrome construction with a muscle-back design with a good design.

Which Mizuno Pro golf iron set is best for you?

It is best to go with the Mizuno Pro 223 but each golfer has a unique set of demands. Go through the key features of the Mizuno Pro golf irons to see which one is right for your game.

This is imperative when you are buying new golf irons.