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How To Hit A Sand Wedge 100 Yards (Tips & Tricks)

Whether you are learning how to hit a sand wedge for 50 or 75 yards, the mechanism is going to remain the same.

For this guide, you will learn about hitting a sand wedge for 100 yards.

When you are using a sand wedge for distance, it’s important to know the ins and outs of youoverall technique. This is the only way you are going to learn how to hit a sand wedge 100 yards.

To hit a sand wedge 100 yards, maintain a stable wide stance, quicken your golf swing speed, and aim to control the downswing to scoop the ball. Using an alignment stick to maintain a consistent golf swing is advised.

Hitting a sand wedge far takes practice. You will need to work on using a sand wedge to hit the golf ball far and it does not happen overnight.

There will be a learning curve even if you are an intermediate golfer.

This guide will show you how to hit a sand wedge 100 yards, golfing drills for a sand wedge, and what to consider when playing with a sand wedge.

Tips On How To Hit A Sand Wedge 100 Yards

1. Use The Right Sand Wedge

It’s important to buy the right sand wedge for golfing.

We recommend going with the Wilson golf sand wedge.

A 100-yard wedge shot might seem impossible. It can be difficult if you are using the wrong golf wedge and that’s why the first step is to make sure you are carrying a good sand wedge to the golf course.

A 50-100 yard golf shot is not going to be easy. It will take time but a good golf wedge is going to make your life easier and that should be on your mind as a modern golfer.

There is high-quality golf equipment readily available for you to take advantage of.

how to hit a sand wedge 100 yards

2. Maintain A Stable Stance

You will need to choose the right golf stance.

With 30 to 100-yard golf shots, you need to be precise and calculated with your golfing stance. If your base is unstable, you are not going to generate enough speed with your golf swing and this will impede your golf wedge distance.

Wedge shots from 100 yards need to be controlled. It is not about aimless power and trying to hit the golf ball as hard as possible.

This is when you are going to shank the golf ball.

It’s important to calculate how you are hitting the golf ball including how you are standing in front of it.

3. Quicken Your Golf Swing Speed

It’s important to test your golf swing speed.

How fast are you hitting the golf ball?

It’s important to have a quick golf swing because that will generate natural power while transferring weight through to the golf ball.

You can work on this with practice golf drills and learning more about how your hips move during the golf swing.

Most golfers can add 5 to 10 MPH to their golf swing with simple adjustments. Don’t be afraid to work on this part of your game and look to get the golf swing to around 90 MPH.

This will make it a lot easier to hit a sand wedge for 100 yards.

4. Use An Alignment Stick For Consistency

A 100-yard wedge shot will take a bit of time to work on as a golfer.

So, how can you improve your technique with a golf wedge?

You will want to take out an alignment stick. The alignment stick is going to be useful as it will let you know how consistent your golf swing is.

The idea is to see whether or not your hips move and make contact with the alignment stick once it’s set up. This will tell you where the adjustments need to be made.

You want to get to the point where each golf swing is the same when handling a sand wedge.

5. Maximize Your Downswing

When using a golf wedge, you want to understand how your downswing is as a golfer.

What does this mean?

The downswing is integral to playing with a sand wedge. You want to get under the golf ball and generate enough power to scoop it up without causing too much disruption in the sand.

This is a softer surface, so you need to hit it properly.

Being automatic from 100 yards ends up involving your golf club’s downswing. You want the golf club to quicken at this point and then get under the golf ball with the sand wedge.

Golf Drills To Hit Sand Wedge Further

1. Controlled Distance Hitting

One of the best golf drills with a sand wedge is going to be controlled distance hitting with wedges.

What does this entail?

The premise behind this golf drill is to set up practice golf balls and then set a target at 25, 50, and 75 yards.

Yes, you will not be setting the target at 100 yards.

The reason is you want to be accurate at closer distances. Look to hit these targets or get as close to them as possible. See how accurate you are and then record this. You want to be at least 7/10 in getting the golf ball close to these targets with a sand wedge.

2. Scoop And Move

If you are going golfing at a driving range, you will want to take the time to use this golfing drill.

This is a quality drill with a sand wedge.

You are going to look to simply focus on the last 30% of the golf swing.

This is the downswing right before hitting the golf ball. You will want to line up ten golf balls and hit them one after the other. Just look to get under the golf ball by scooping it to learn the technique with a sand wedge.

What Club Would Most Golfers Likely Hit From 100 Yards?

The most common golf club golfers use to hit from 100 yards is the 8-iron. In some cases, it’s possible to use other types of golf clubs including a sand wedge if it’s on a softer surface.

It is important to be observant when it comes to where the golf ball is situated. This will often dictate what type of golf club you end up using.

This is also important when you are using a golf wedge on a golf hole.

Why Do I Thin A Sand Wedge When I Try To Hit It Hard?

You can thin a sand wedge when trying to hit the golf ball hard due to the golf club’s design. It has a leading edge that can make contact with the ground before hitting the golf ball causing it to hit the golf ball thin.

This happens when you have an inconsistent golf swing.

Playing with a sand wedge means understanding how to hit the golf ball properly.

Why Do I Chunk My Sand Wedge?

The main reason a golfer will chunk the sand wedge is improper weight distribution during the shot. This means you sit back during the downswing causing the golf ball to be hit improperly.

It’s essential to go through golfing drills to work on transferring weight through the swing when using a sand wedge.

This will take time but it’s essential.

Final Thoughts

These are the main tips on how to hit a sand wedge 100 yards.

To hit a sand wedge 100 yards, set a wider stance, use a faster golf swing, and aim to maintain a strong downswing to get under the ball on the softer surface. It’s recommended to practice with an alignment stick to maintain a consistent golf swing pattern.

This is imperative when looking to hit a sand wedge further.