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Hybrid Golf Club Distances (Lofts, Distances, Charts)

When it comes to distances for hybrid golf clubs, it’s important to have a firm figure to get a better read on how you are going to use a hybrid golf club.

Most golfers will get confused when choosing between a hybrid golf club and a golf iron. This is common and it’s nothing to be worried about.

When you compare a golf iron to a hybrid golf club, you will start to understand which one is best for you and when you should use it.

A hybrid golf club is designed to offer an additional solution for those who want to maximize their golf swing and get the golf ball to go further. With its addition, a golfer can add up to 7 yards on their drive.

Whether it’s looking at a 3 hybrid distance chart or a 5 hybrid distance chart, you will want to have accurate information for the hybrid golf club distances.

This guide is going to look at the hybrid golf club distances and hybrid golf club lofts. You will gain access to a hybrid golf club lofts and distances chart to understand more about what you’re getting with this type of golf club.

Hybrid Golf Club Distances

Type Of Hybrid Golf ClubDistance (Yards)
This hybrid distance chart should offer more insight into what you are going to get with a good hybrid golf club.

When you are adding golf clubs to a golf bag, you will want to compare these distances for hybrid golf clubs down to the last detail. It will help you make a good choice for your next golf round.

If you want to get more distance on a golf shot, you will want to begin with the right golf club. This is how you are going to see better results on the fairway.

Hybrid Golf Club Lofts

Type Of Hybrid Golf ClubLoft (Degrees)
With the hybrid loft distance chart, it’s recommended to look into these details to know how the ball flight is going to be and how the hybrid golf club is going to perform on the golf course.

You will want to look into this as you begin to figure out which golf club to use out in the open.

The right choice is going to make a difference. This is key with the hybrid golf club loft chart here.

Read through it and get a better understanding of what you are going to be playing with when using a hybrid golf club.

Iron Vs Hybrid

Type Of Golf IronDistance (Yards) Loft (Degrees)
3 Iron19519
4 Iron18721
5 Iron18324
6 Iron17527
7 Iron16931
When comparing a hybrid golf club to a golf iron, you will want to start with the basic metrics including distance and loft.

This can help assess which option is right for you.

Please note all of the numbers in the hybrid vs iron chart are averages. These are numbers that are seen across the board when looking at different levels of golfers.

For the most part, a hybrid golf club is going to hit further than a golf iron.

What Hybrid Replaces A 3 Iron?

A 3-hybrid replaces a 3-iron. In general, a hybrid golf club with a 19-degree loft is a suitable replacement for a 3 iron on the golf course. It’s important to note using this type of hybrid golf club will lead to hitting the golf ball further.

For comparison, a 3-hybrid golf club is going to lead to an average golf shot of 206, while a 3-iron is going to have a distance of 195. As you can see, it’s a difference of 11 yards on average.

hybrid golf club distances

Should You Use A Hybrid Or An Iron?

You should use a hybrid golf club when you have a slower swing speed and want more distance without losing control. This can be a stable alternative that offers good results in comparison to a golf iron.

However, some golfers prefer using golf irons and feel those are better in their hands based on their golf technique.

It is often a preference more than anything else.

The most important thing you should look at is your golf swing speed and then see how it is compatible with each type of golf club.

This can make a difference when it comes to choosing between a golf iron and a hybrid golf club.

Do Hybrids And Irons Go The Same Distance?

No, hybrids and irons do not go the same distance. A hybrid golf club is designed to go further than a comparable golf iron. For example, a 3-hybrid will go for 209 yards, while a 3-iron will go for an average of 195 yards. This demonstrates how a hybrid golf club goes further than a golf iron.

It is important to account for this when choosing between a golf iron and a hybrid golf club on the golf course.

This is key when comparing irons vs hybrid distance.

hybrid golf club distances

Should I Hit My Hybrid Like An Iron?

You can hit a hybrid like an iron and refine your golf swing based on the feedback from the golf shot itself. In general, hybrid golf clubs tend to have a more controlled shot, which makes them more forgiving than a golf iron. It’s common for beginners to use hybrid golf clubs for similar situations.

Once again, this will come down to preference and what you are looking for with a golf club.

In some cases, you are going to want to take the time to use a hybrid golf club while other situations will dictate going with a golf iron.

Your best bet is to compare a hybrid golf club to a golf iron in detail.

How Far Should I Hit My Hybrids?

You should hit your hybrids on average 7-10 yards further than a comparable golf iron. This can only be determined after testing a golf iron and then seeing how far you hit the golf ball with it on average.

Each golfer is going to have varied numbers based on their golf swing and swing speed. Keep this in mind when using any type of golf club whether it’s a hybrid or an iron.

It’s the only way to make sure you are getting a personal read on how to use these golf clubs when you are ready to add them to your setup.

Final Thoughts

The charts here should help demonstrate the various hybrid golf club distances along with the lofts.

Hybrid golf club distances tend to be further than comparable golf irons. This is due to their loft and how forgiving these golf clubs are. They are often used by golfers to have a more controlled setup when they are swinging a golf club.

It’s highly recommended to compare hybrid golf clubs and irons and see which golf club is ideal for your needs moving forward.

You can take the time to look at retailers such as Golf Discount, if you are thinking about moving forward with a hybrid golf club or perhaps a set of new golf irons.