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Does Kevin Costner Golf? (What Is His Golf Handicap?)

The Kevin Costner golf movie character from Tin Cup was a massive hit.

The 90s movie was a cult classic and admired by the masses due to how it portrayed golf and how everything came together for those who were in it.

Due to this role, Kevin Costner became more prominent in the golfing world. There was more intrigue about Kevin Costner the golfer.

This included people asking, does Kevin Costner Golf?

Yes, Kevin Costner does golf and is an avid amateur golfer that is seen playing with friends at all of the premier golf courses in Pebble Beach. It was this love that led to Costner wanting to do a role such as the one he had in Tin Cup.

The Tin Cup movie with Kevin Costner was a hit and it was something people adored as soon as it was released.

This is why it’s time to learn more about Kevin Costner the golfer. This includes where Kevin Costner plays golf, how well Kevin Costner golfs, and what Kevin Costner’s golf handicap is.

Does Kevin Costner Golf?

Yes, Kevin Costner does golf and adores the sport. He is commonly seen golfing at the premier golf courses in Pebble Beach and various other parts of America. It is a favorite pastime for Costner and something he has adored ever since he was young.

According to Kevin Costner, he loves spending time in Pebble Beach at the AT&T Pebble Beach National Pro-Am.

It’s his favorite place to go golfing.

Was Kevin Costner A Pro Golfer?

No, Kevin Costner is not a pro golfer. Although, he was a well-renowned golfer among the pros and also spent time refining his game at a younger age. Compared to other actors, he is one of the better golfers with a handicap of 14.

According to Costner, he often gets embarrassed when golfing in front of people.

He states he is not as good as the movie depicted him nor is he capable of maintaining a consistent standard when people are watching.

Regardless, Kevin Costner loves golfing and continues to do so in his free time.

What Is Kevin Costner’s Golf Handicap?

Kevin Costner’s golf handicap is 14. He has stated this in his interviews and is commonly seen golfing at the AT&T Pebble Beach National Pro-Am.

He is well-renowned for being a good amateur golfer even if he does not mean professional golfing standards.

Yes, Kevin Costner plays golf and his golf handicap is decent too.

Did Kevin Costner Do His Own Golfing In Tin Cup?

Yes, Kevin Costner did do his own golfing in Tin Cup while playing the role of Roy McAvoy. Only a few of the shots were not played by Kevin Costner but he was a good golfer at the time and wanted to play his own shots to make it authentic.

One of the more memorable scenes from the movie involved the water hazard.

This is a real-life shot that was played by a golfer named Gary McCord and it was reenacted through the movie Tin Cup.

Who Taught Kevin Costner To Play Golf?

Kevin Costner learned to play golf at a young age but took additional golfing lessons with Gary McCord before shooting for Tin Cup. Since the movie was based on Gary McCord, it was easy for Costner to relate to him and learn more about golfing with his technique.

This was an enthralling experience for Costner as he was able to do something he already had a passion for and continued refining it before shooting for the movie.

What Fictional Golf Characters Did Kevin Costner Play?

The only fictional golf character Kevin Costner played was Roy McAvoy in the movie Tin Cup. This movie was released in 1996 and became a cult classic among the masses including golf enthusiasts.

How Old Was Kevin Costner In Tin Cup?

Kevin Costner was 41 in Tin Cup at the time of the shooting. He was well-established as an actor and earned critical acclaim for his work in the movie.

Final Thoughts

Does Kevin Costner golf?

Yes, Kevin Costner does golf and tends to spend a lot of time on golf courses in Pebble Beach. He has a reported golf handicap of 14 and has taken golfing lessons with Gary McCord before shooting for the movie Tin Cup.

There have been numerous pro golfers in Hollywood movies before including in Happy Gilmore.

Golf movies such as Happy Gilmore and Tin Cup continue to be heralded by those who appreciate the sport coming to the forefront.

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