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What Is Scrambling In Golf? (Rules & Tips)

It’s not ideal to be in a spot where you miss the green in golf.

However, this is a reality that is common for high-handicappers in golf and it’s something you are going to have to be prepared for.

The golf scramble is a fascinating subject and often explains the nature of recovering from a bad position on the golf course. Keeping this in mind, what is scrambling in golf?

Scrambling in golf refers to a golfer’s ability to miss the green and then creatively recover to save par. This can include a whole array of shots and does not only get reserved for a ball trapped in the sand trap. The number is a percentage of saves after missing the green.

Scrambling in golf holds great value for golfers as it provides new data that can be used to fine-tune your game and understand it better with time.

This guide is going to look at what is scrambling in golf, the rules of scrambling in golf, calculating scramble in golf, and the benefits of scrambling as a golfer.

What Is Scrambling In Golf?

Scrambling refers to a percentage to showcase a golfer’s ability to save par after missing the green on a hole. This works with all types of shots and is designed to highlight how effective a golfer is in recovering a golf hole after having a bad start.

This is useful information for those who want to learn more about recovering as a golfer and being able to save a golf hole with the right shots.

How To Calculate A Scramble

So, how do you go about getting the scramble percentage in golf?

You are going to want to learn the formula associated with calculating scrambles in golf and then get a percentage out of it.

The formula is – the number of times a golfer saves par divided by the number of times a golfer missed the green x 100.

For example, let’s assume a golfer missed the green 40 times and saved par 20 times. They would have a scrambling average of (20/40 x 100) or 50%.

For the most part, the 50% scramble in golf would be decent. It would show the golfer can recover every second bad start and still save par.

If the number is lower, this means the golfer has to be more creative with their recovery shots and might need to work on elements of their game to bring this number to a better scramble percentage.

Benefits Of Calculating A Scramble In Golf

1. Helps Point Out Control Issues

It’s essential to understand the advantages of golf scrambling and why it is a beneficial formula to look into.

There are numerous reasons why this is tracked by the PGA and other leagues. There is a purpose behind it and the calculation can highlight how well a golfer does in specific scenarios on the golf course.

For example, a golfer is going to learn more about potential control issues they have. This includes the number of times they miss the green and also how well they do when put in a situation such as this.

2. Shows Recovery Rate

A golfer’s recovery rate is essential and being able to look into this is a must.

If a golfer has a recovery rate that is above 50%, this is a good sign. It shows they can do well even with a bad start and can save themselves at least every second time it happens.

If it is lower than this then you will know adjustments are required. This is imperative when finding out more about using a scramble in golf.

Cons Of Calculating A Scramble In Golf

1. Doesn’t Paint Full Picture Of Your Short Game

The negatives of a scramble in golf are going to be with your short game.

It’s not going to paint a full picture for you to go through. You are not going to know a lot about what’s going on with your short game or how you are doing when the ball does get to the green.

You will have general information about your recovery rate but not the data necessary to figure out more about your short game.

2. Doesn’t Consider The Tee Shot

It is also not going to take into consideration how far the tee shot was.

This is going to vary for each situation.

A closer tee shot is different from one that is further out. You might have to recover more from a longer tee shot than one that is closer.

What Is The Difference Between Up And Down And Scrambling?

Up and down refers to the number of times a golfer gets an approach shot spot on and only has to take one putt shot or less. In comparison, scrambling in golf refers to the number of recoveries a golfer has after missing the green.

What Does Scrambling Percentage Mean In Golf?

The scrambling percentage shows a golfer the number of times they miss the green and how many times they recover from such a situation to save par.

It’s an important calculation to go through for those who want to know more about recovering in golf from a bad position and getting things spot on.

A good golfer will not want to miss the green but they will also want to be able to recover when put into a tough spot on the golf course.

Final Thoughts

What is scrambling in golf?

Scrambling in golf refers to a percentage indicating the number of times a golfer saves par on a golf hole after missing the green in the beginning. This highlights how well a golfer can recover from a tough spot on the golf course.

This is useful information while fine-tuning your game and finding out which shots are your go-to shots on the golf course.

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