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Is Playing Barefoot Golf Legal? (Rules, Tips)

Golfing with bare feet is not for everyone.

Most golfers are going to spend the time to find good golf shoes and then head to the golf course. This is common when you are trying to find the right golf attire and want to be prepared as a golfer.

However, what if you want to go golfing with bare feet? Are barefoot golfers allowed?

Yes, barefoot golfers are permitted and there are no rules against this. However, most golf clubs do have rules against barefoot golfing as they believe it’s improper. It’s best to read the golf club’s regulations before attending.

For casual games, it’s common for golfers to try all sorts of things including golfing without golf shoes.

This article will take a look at barefoot golfing, the rules for golfing with bare feet, and the advantages of golfing without shoes.

What Is Barefoot Golf?

Playing golf barefoot means not wearing golf shoes on the golf course. This is a rare sight as most golfers will invest in golf shoes before heading to the golf course. However, the benefits of golfing with bare feet can include having a better feel of the green and getting more control of a golf shot.

If you are thinking about playing golf barefoot, it’s essential to understand what the process entails and how you are going to feel about it.

For example, you might golf without shoes rather than plumb bobbing.

To the surprise of many, golfers do feel confident without shoes on. Before you head off to golf without shoes, it’s time to break down what the rules have to say about barefoot golfing.

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Is Playing Barefoot Golf Legal?

Yes, playing barefoot golf is legal. There are no USGA regulations against playing golf without shoes on. However, it’s important to note that most golf clubs do have footwear regulations and require members to wear shoes on their premises.

The best thing a golfer can do is read through the golf club regulations before heading to the golf course.

This will save you the hassle of being told no when you arrive on-site.

Benefits Of Golfing With Bare Feet

1. Helps Assess The Green Better

Golfing shoeless is one of those options you might not think too much of but it can help when reading the green.

Why does it help?

When you are wearing shoes, it’s a lot harder to notice where the green breaks and how much the slope is.

When you are shoeless and golfing, you will notice those breaks in the green immediately. You will also notice how steep the break is and that does help when you are putting.

2. Improved Feel On The Golf Course

You are going to notice an immediate difference in your overall feel of the golf course.

If the golf course has been professionally maintained, you are going to recognize each deviation and how the golf course changes characteristics from one spot to the next.

You won’t be able to do this with your feet while wearing shoes. This alone makes going barefoot while golfing an option.

Just having an improved feel of the setting is a game-changer for those who do want to go golfing bare feet.

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3. Helps Control Your Swing

A lot of golfers complain about not being able to control their golf swing.

This leads to situations where the golf ball ends up in the woods or does not land where you want it to.

When this is the case, don’t you want to go with a solution that will help control your golf shots better? If so, you will want to take a look at barefoot golfing and the benefits it has to offer.

One of the pros of barefoot golfing comes in the form of having more control of the swing. You are not going to slip as much.

Cons Of Golfing With Bare Feet

1. Can Cause Injury

One of the negatives of golfing with bare feet is going to be injuries.

It is not ideal to be walking around outdoors without shoes on. This includes having to deal with a wide array of objects and debris that might be sitting on the golf course.

Anything sharp might poke your feet and that’s not ideal when you are walking around without golf shoes on.

Some golfers will find this to be problematic and it can also ruin your concentration while golfing. The same goes for insects that might be roaming around on the green.

2. Not Approved By Most Golf Clubs

It’s also important to think about the golf course.

Are you allowed to go golfing without golf shoes?

It is possible the golf club is not going to let you do this and that alone is a major hurdle. Golfers want to make sure they are not breaking the rules as that is going to get them banned from the golf club.

This is why it’s best to speak to the golf club and/or read through the regulations to see what your options are.

This is an important detail to think about as a golfer that wants to golf without shoes.

3. Exposure To Pesticides

Are you aware of how golf courses are maintained throughout the year?

There is a reason the grass is always green while you are walking around the golf course. This is regardless of how many players have been playing on the golf course during the warmer months.

As a result, the golf club uses pesticides to keep the grass green.

This is great for the aesthetic of the golf course but not as good for your body. You might not want to come in constant contact with these pesticides as they are going to harm you over time.

Why Do People Play Golf Barefoot?

People play golf barefoot because it helps improve their feel of the golf course, keeps their feet fresh, and also gives them a bit of additional traction while swinging on the grass.

It’s important to note that not all golfers like playing golf bare feet.

Some will only want to wear a specific type of golf shoe while golfing and that’s great too. It simply comes down to how a golfer wants to go golfing.

Did Sam Snead Play Golf Barefoot?

Yes, Sam Snead was famous for golfing barefoot as that is how he learned to play the game. He even managed to golf professionally without golf shoes during his time and that’s where it became popularized as an option.

Sam Snead golfed bare feet because it came naturally to him.

This does not mean it is an ideal option for other golfers.

Are There Barefoot Female Golfers?

Yes, there are barefoot female golfers but they only tend to do this casually. Some golfers that have golfed without shoes on include Nelly Korda and Meredith Kirk. Some of these golfers believe running through drills without golf shoes is useful.

When you run golf drills without shoes, you begin to appreciate the intricacies of the golf shot and how it relates to the golf course itself.

This includes any breaks in the green.

Final Thoughts

What is barefoot golfing?

Barefoot golfing refers to golfing without shoes on. There are no rules against golfing bare feet and it has been done in the past by golfers such as Sam Snead. However, it’s uncommon for golfers to golf without shoes and most golf clubs have regulations against going bare feet on their premises.

It’s best to read through the rules of the golf club before golfing.

Plus, you might end up with a golfer’s tan while going bare feet!