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Golf Shirt Tucked Or Untucked? (Solved)

The golf shirt is an integral part of your outfit as a golfer.

You will want to wear the right clothes as a golfer and that’s also going to include wearing them the right way.

Of course, each golfer has a set of preferences when it comes to the clothes they wear, the colors they put on, and also how they golf. This is normal and there is nothing wrong with that.

However, you will wonder about the rules of the golf shirt. This includes should a golf shirt be tucked or untucked.

There are no USGA rules against leaving a golf shirt untucked. It can be tucked or untucked as desired by a golfer. However, private golf courses can sometimes mandate all golfers to tuck in their shirts on the premises and it’s best to consult with their regulations beforehand.

It is important to look at the rules of wearing a golf shirt to make sure you don’t get dinged for it or end up looking out of place.

This article will show you whether or not to tuck in your golf shirt, the best golf shirt, and the reasons to tuck in your golf shirt.

Rules For Tucking Golf Shirt

Let’s begin with the official rules for tucking a golf shirt.

The PGA does not have rules for tucking in a golf shirt or any shirt for that matter. A golfer is free to do as they please. However, private golf clubs do hold specific standards for keeping the golf shirt tucked on the premises and it’s best to consult with them beforehand to find out what their policies are.

This is the best way to make sure you are allowed to play at the private golf club when you are there.

No one wants to be left in a position where they are escorted out or asked to tuck in the golf shirt later.

Keep it simple and take the time to reach out to the golfer to learn more about your options.

golf shirt tucked or untucked

Benefits Of Tucking In Your Golf Shirt

1. Widely Accepted Attire

Even though golfers don’t have to tuck in their shirts, does this mean it’s a good idea to avoid doing so?

No, there are benefits to tucking in a golf shirt.

The first detail to think about is knowing you are going to fit right in. This is good for those who are starting off and just getting their feet wet in the world of golf. You won’t want to look like the odd one out and you won’t with a tucked-in golf shirt.

For the most part, the average golfer isn’t going to care either way. However, it is nice to go with the widely accepted attire in situations such as these.

2. Less Wind Resistance During Golf Swing

Now, let’s take a look at the performance aspect of tucking in a golf shirt and why it might be the right way to go.

For the most part, a golf swing is going to meet with wind resistance. The wind is going to be blowing and your clothes will act as a barrier.

When you swing, your shirt is going to flap in the wind too. This can create a pulling force as you swing requiring more power to push through on a windy day.

This is not ideal if your shirt is untucked. This is why keeping it flat and tucked in is the way to go on windier days.

golf shirt tucked or untucked

3. Helps Maintain A Compact Golf Swing

You will also realize how it helps you towards a more compact golf swing.

This is due to how it presses everything together and is going to ensure nothing is loose.

This helps tighten the core and that is a plus point most golfers won’t think about. This doesn’t mean you go out and buy a skin-tight golf shirt. Instead, it’s just about minor advantages that are going to make it a lot easier to use your core muscles the right way as a golfer.

How Do Golfers Keep Their Shirts Tucked In?

Golfers keep their shirts tucked in by using putting the bottom of the golf shirt into the belt, which loops it into place. Another option is to use holders that attach to the socks and then come up to hold the bottom of the shirt into place from the inside of a golfer’s pants.

This is a common trick that is also used for dress shirts when wearing a suit.

You might feel like this is an ideal option for you and it can work well for those who are looking to keep the golf shirt tucked in as best as they can.

Can You Tuck A Golf Shirt Into Jeans?

Yes, you can tuck a golf shirt into jeans if necessary. For the most part, the only time a person is going to tuck in a golf shirt and wear them with jeans is casually. Golfers do not wear jeans to the golf course and it is not the best for a golfer’s performance.

This is why anyone that is going to be tucking in a golf shirt into their jeans will be doing so outdoors and in that situation, anything goes.

There is nothing wrong with wearing a golf shirt with jeans. This includes tucking the golf shirt into the jeans.

Final Thoughts

Should the golf shirt be tucked or untucked?

The golf shirt does not have to be tucked in. There are no official rules against it. The benefits of tucking in the golf shirt include less wind resistance and a tighter core when swinging the golf club.

It is these subtle advantages that can help optimize a golfer’s swing and make them feel better about getting the swing speed they are after.

Take the time to learn more about playing barefoot as a golfer too.