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100+ Funny Golf Team Names (Updated)

When it comes to choosing a golf team name, you are going to come across a plethora of options but not all are going to be ideal for your team.

With this in mind, you want to think about fun golf team names that work for you.

This includes learning how to choose funny golf team names.

To choose a funny golf team name, think about your team’s characteristics, where you are going to be playing, and how you play as a group. This will dictate the direction you end up going in as a golfer.

The right golf team name is one that’s going to be decided on with a lot of thought.

Here are some of the best golf team names you can go with along with tips on how to select a name for your golf team.

Top Funny Golf Team Names

  1. Busting Balls
  2. “Par”don Us
  3. Birdies
  4. Eagles
  5. Putters
  6. Bogey Four
  7. Angry Birdies
  8. Old Chippers
  9. Young Chippers
  10. Bunker Babes
  11. Birdie Babes
  12. Birdie Bros
  13. Bunker Bros
  14. Balls Deep
  15. Deep Drivers
  16. Driving Divas
  17. Golfer Bros
  18. Flying Eagles
  19. Fairway To Heaven
  20. Far From Par
  21. Mean Green Machine
  22. Group Of Fore
  23. Fore Us
  24. Going Fore
  25. Going Par
  26. Grass Gurus
  27. Grass Masters
  28. Long Putters
  29. Meet The Birdies
  30. Par-Tee Boys
  31. Par-Tee Girls
  32. Par-Tee Divas
  33. Hole Seekers
  34. Pin Seekers
  35. Caddies and Daddies
  36. Clean Hitters
  37. Out Of The Rough
  38. Rough And Tough
  39. Fairway To Victory
  40. Rough Riders
  41. Slice Of LIfe
  42. No Shanks Here
  43. Shank You
  44. Shanks R Us
  45. Shots R Us
  46. Birdies R Us
  47. Smooth Hitters
  48. Stroke Of Luck
  49. The Sticks
  50. Hole In Ones
  51. Team Putt Putt
  52. Putt Putters
  53. The Caddies
  54. Turn On The Hazards
  55. Divots On Us
  56. Handicaps
  57. The Slicers
  58. The Hookers
  59. Mallet Lovers
  60. The Birdie Crew
  61. We Like It Rough
  62. The Green Rangers
  63. The Grass Is Green Here
  64. The Nobodies
  65. Where Are We?
  66. Couch Potatoes
  67. The High-Handicappers
  68. The Low-Handicappers
  69. Golfers Anonymous
  70. The Big Sticks
  71. The Back 9 Boys
  72. 18th Hole Buds
  73. 18th Hole Winners
  74. Tee Offers
  75. Teed-Off
  76. Tees and More
  77. Wedgies
  78. Wedges and Sledges
  79. Birdies and Eagles
  80. Weekend Ball Seekers
  81. Stroke Masters
  82. Strokes On Us
  83. Master Strokes
  84. Stroke of Good Luck
  85. The Bad Luck Golfers
  86. Happy Gilmores
  87. Stroke Us
  88. Smoking Tees
  89. Sandmen
  90. Prime Golfers
  91. Proud Golfers
  92. Golfer Dads
  93. Golfer Moms
  94. Getaway Golfers
  95. Golf Council
  96. Candy Golfers
  97. Golfing Avengers
  98. Guardians of the Golfers
  99. Super Golfers
  100. Captain Hooks
  101. The Spinners
  102. Slice and Dice
  103. Beach Bums
  104. Sand Lovers
  105. Straight To The Hole
  106. Different Strokes
  107. Sand Trap Brothers
  108. Sand Trap Sisters
  109. Fairway Boys
  110. Fairway Girls
  111. Flashing Aces
  112. Range Raiders
  113. Hack Attack
  114. Hit and Run
  115. Hole In Nones
  116. Driving Fast
  117. 19th Holers
  118. 18th Holers
  119. King Pins

Dirty Golf Team Names

  1. Stroke And Poke
  2. Stroke Us
  3. The Ball Washers
  4. Dirty Hookers
  5. Balls R Us
  6. Hook Us
  7. Hole In Ones
  8. All Holes Are Ours
  9. The Strokers
  10. Foreplay With Us
funny golf team names

Drinking Golf Team Names

  1. Golfing Buds
  2. Hook Attack
  3. Sandbaggers
  4. Fast Drivers
  5. Par-Tee Boys
  6. Big Putters
  7. The Bogeymen
  8. Bogeys and Eagles
  9. Dirty Birdies
  10. Dirty Eagles

Buddies Golf Trip Names

  1. Mini Golfers
  2. Putt Putts
  3. Par Pirates
  4. Birdie Bros
  5. Swings and Buds
  6. The Green Bros
  7. King Pins
  8. Pins A Lot
  9. Fairway Boys

Funny Coed Golf Team Names

  1. Hookers and Slicers
  2. Chicks and Sticks
  3. Club Hoppers
  4. Fairway Gang
  5. The Handicappers
  6. Grass Bandits
  7. The Shankers
  8. Strokers
  9. Different Strokes
  10. The Grippers
funny golf team names

Rude Golf Team Names

  1. Smooth Strokers
  2. Morning Wood
  3. Ball Exploders
  4. The Swinging Johnsons
  5. Ball Grippers
  6. Drink And Drivers
  7. Balls Deep
  8. Money Shots
  9. Long Putters
  10. Don’t Touch Our Shafts

Funny Golf Foursome Team Names

  1. Fore Amigos
  2. Fearsome Fore
  3. Fore Us
  4. Fore Boys
  5. Fore Girls
  6. Fantastic Fore
  7. Fores R Us
  8. Threes and Fores
  9. ForeEver Boys
  10. Flying Fores

How To Choose Funny Golf Team Names

1. Know Your Team

When considering golf team names, it’s essential to know more about your team as a whole.

Golf names are not easy to come by and you will get confused as to what’s best for your game.

The golf team name has to be based on your characteristics as a group. For example, are you a group of men? Perhaps you are a group of mothers?

This can help distinguish your group and can be included in the golf team name you end up choosing.

Let’s assume you are a group of mothers.

You could go with something like The Mothers of Golf.

This is just one example but it’s important to choose golf team names with your group in mind or it won’t resonate with those who hear it.

2. Be Personable

The best names for golf teams will come with personality.

You want something that has a bit of flare to it rather than going with a boring golf name. The fun golf team names are the ones that stand out a bit and have a personality behind them.

It could be a dirty golf team name or just a funny golf team name that stands out for all the right reasons.

A personable golf team name is going to be the best golf team name.

3. Consider Your Playstyle

With funny golfer names, you will also want to take the time to consider your playstyle as a golfer.

This is where mistakes are made.

You want to think about how you play as a team. Are you someone that plays like a group that doesn’t go to the golf course often?

This can be included in your name.

For example, you might be in a group that shanks the golf ball a lot. This could lead to a funny golf name such as Sir Shanks A Lot.

Don’t be afraid to mix things up as that is how you are going to get the most out of a golf team name.

What Is A Golf Team Called?

A golf team is called a twosome, threesome, or a foursome. This is determined based on the number of golfers in the team.

Final Thoughts

These are the best 100+ funny golf team names to keep in mind.

Take the time to choose a golf team name based on the characteristics of your golf team including the number of members, how you play golf as a group, and perhaps where you are playing that day.

These are the best ways to get the best team name for your golf team.

Before you take out a 7 iron to go golfing or begin driving around in a golf cart, it’s essential to get a good golf team name under your belt.